Here are three things I edited and mixed in ProTools for a Lady K and the Kings of Swing debut CD. Sing Sing Sing and Bill Bailey didn’t make it on the CD. Though I have editing/mixing credits for about half the songs on the CD including all the vocalist tracks. This was an acoustical nightmare as the venue was live (dinner party this) and the place has marble floors (it was at the Berhing Auto Museum in Danville).

Sing Sing Sing (Me on Clarinet)
BillBailey (Me on Tenor)
Shiny Stockings (Me on Trumpet…..NOT!)

Spill The Wine, a group I play with that I mixed and recorded
Come On Eileen (Tenor and Flute)

Another group I play with, The Future Past. Live Gig and rehearsal recordings.

This is a mix I did for a contest.
Destiny’s Door (samples and synths)