I currently play on:

  • Zentner Wood Piccolo
  • Haynes closed hole flute (1940s era)
  • Yamaha 581 (with split G) flute with a Sankyo Headjoint
  • Armstrong Alto Flute
  • Woodflute in the Key of F
  • Dizi Soprano Bamboo Flute in the Key of C
  • Dizi Soprano Bamboo Flute in the Key of Bb
  • Shakuhachi (4 hole)
  • Akai EWI 4000S
  • Roland Aerophone Pro
  • Loree C+3 Oboe (NZ Serial)
  • Buffet R-13 clarinet with a Caravan mouthpiece and Vandoren V12 4 reeds
  • Yanagisawa curved soprano with a Berg Larsen 85/1 rubber mouthpiece with vandoren 3 reeds
  • Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone with a vintage Meyer brothers mouthpiece (worked on by the late, great Jon Van Wie) with an Oleg ligature and Rico Jazz Select unfiled 3 reeds or a Beecher bellite #7 with Vandoren 2.5 reeds
  • Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone with a Guardala handmade MB1 mouthpiece and Rico Plasticover 3 reeds
  • Barone Bare Brass Baritone Saxophone with a Berg Larsen 130/1 hard rubber mouthpiece, rovner ligature, and Rico Plasticover 3 reeds
  • Amati Wood Bass Clarinet with Low C with a Vandoren mouthpiece and Vandoren 3 reeds (blue box)
  • Yamaha Cornet
  • Yamaha Trumpet

Musical Gear